Install Your Own Doggie Latrine

Teaching your dog to use a specified area for his toilet will allow your family and friends to enjoy a clean and green yard. With proper instruction, consistency and patience, your dog will learn to use one are for their potty needs.  Installing a doggie latrine will cost between $300-500 and is certainly money well spent and with proper maintenance, will be odor free. An area measuring 10’ x 10’ x 3” deep will last one medium size dog for 10 yrs with proper upkeep.   

1) Dig down three feet, remove all clay/soil.  

2) Fill 10’ x 10’ hole with sanitized play sand (Burnco) leaving 3” from the top of the hole. Make certain you tamp the sand in layers to compact the sand adequately.  

3) Fill top 3” of the hole with washed pea gravel. This gravel has rounded stones that will be less likely to cut your dog’s paw pads.   

Cleaning & Sanitizing   

Your doggie latrine will require regular cleaning and sanitizing. Although the process is the easiest thing in the world, it is of the utmost importance.   

1) Ensure that all solid waste is picked up immediately!!! I keep a covered garbage can in one corner of the doggie latrine area,, deposit feces throughout the day and remove at night. I also attach to the fence, a plastic bag dispenser full of grocery bags or potty bags for easy usage.  

2) Each month, lightly wet the pea gravel using a garden hose. Then mist the gravel with a 10% bleach solution. I use a garden, 1 gallon pump sprayer for the bleach. Let the bleach dwell on the gravel for 10 minutes then spray rinse the pea gravel with a garden hose sprayer. Do not flood the area. A five-minute rinse is sufficient. It is not advised to do this step during the rainy season as the sand base will become water logged. This step will not be possible during winter weather either.   

Once the doggie latrine has been used for 10 years, it will be necessary to replace the latrine’s sand layer. You will need to remove the pea gravel layer (set aside to reuse), remove and dispose of the sand. Replace with new sand, tamp in layers to install and top off with original pea gravel.   

Note: If you reduce the size of the doggie latrine, or have more than one dog, a larger dog, etc… you will need to replace the sand more frequently. ALSO… if you do not dig down the full 3 ft, you will need to replace the sand more frequently.

Did You Know...

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