Am I ready for a puppy?

Is there anything cuter than the face of a puppy? While it is nearly impossible to refuse those pleading eyes and wet kisses, it is important to take a moment and consider whether or not you are actually ready for the real responsibility of caring for an animal.  If you are, indeed, ready to accept such a responsibility there are other factors to consider.  Listed below are a few things to contemplate as you evaluate your decision to add a puppy to your family.

TIME: Your puppy will require a lot of time, especially during those critical first two years of his life. Time to potty train, time to walk, time to take him to the groomers, time to take him to the vet, time to buy his food and other supplies, time to take him to training classes, time to take him to doggy day care, time to take him to the dog park, time to brush him and clip his nails, time to feed him, time to rush him in for emergency vet care (which never occurs when you are not already busy), time... time... time.  If you don't like interuptions or rescheduling events or activities, if you are not a fan of interrupted TV programs and visits with family and friends... the aquisition of a dog may not be in your best interest.... not to mention the dog's best interest.

MONEY: Simply put... see list above. Nearly everything listed is going to require your funds! Pet insurance is a terrific investment. Depending on the coverage you choose, the monthly fees can be from $12 - $100 each month and cover everything from vet treatments, prescription diets, surgeries and boarding accomodations while you holiday!  I cannot tell you how many people are either extremely relieved that they signed up for pet insurance or regretting they did not. With the cost of illness, disease and injury treatment, it would benefit any pet owner.

GROOMING: those non-shedding dogs will run you approximately $400 - $1,500 per year, depending on the size of the dog, hair type and desired style.

FOOD: a 30lb bag of decent quality kibble will cost approximately $50-60.  Specialty diets can run well over $100 per bag. Consider they amount your dog will eat.

BOARDING KENNELS: typical cost per day is $20 - $25 with additional charges for delivery of medication and excersice plans.

DOGGY DAY CARE: typical cost per day is $20 + per day.

VET OFFICE VISITS: typical charge is $68 - $129, which does not include prescriptions, treatments or surgeries.

TRAINING: Each 6 wk session will range between $150 - $250 depending on class and trainer. Privates are often more costly.




Did You Know...

At Akenside Kennels, your pet will receive quality care, exercise and social time with other dogs if the owner permits at a competitive rate. Akenside Kennels boasts 15 acres of land: plenty of space for long walks and energetic romps. At Akenside Kennels, we are happy to send updates and reports regarding your pet’s well-being via text or emails. If your individual situation does not permit you to drop off or pick up your pet during regular hours, we at Akenside Kennels will discuss alternate options at reasonable fees.