Puppies 101 - What you need to know

Is there anything cuter than the face of a puppy? While it is nearly impossible to refuse those pleading eyes and wet kisses, it is important to take a moment and consider whether or not you are actually ready for the real responsibility of caring for an animal. 

Teaching your dog to use a specified area for his toilet will allow your family and friends to enjoy a clean and green yard. With proper instruction, consistency and patience, your dog will learn to use one are for their potty needs. 

Successful potty training will depend on your ability to provide three things: familiarity, crate schedule and limited freedom.

Crates are one of the best inventions ever! Here is how a crate benefits you and your dog.

1)    Aides in potty training.

2)    Provides a safe retreat.

Part of having a well socialized dog is the continued practice of handling your dog. I refer to this as a “Body Sweep” and I do it every day until the dog is a year old and weekly from that point. Below is a checklist for a complete Body Sweep. I recommend you perform the checks throughout the day and always make them a fun, calm event. Feel free to provide a tasty treat if your pup needs extra persuasion to participate fully. 

Did You Know...

At Akenside Kennels, your pet will receive quality care, exercise and social time with other dogs if the owner permits at a competitive rate. Akenside Kennels boasts 15 acres of land: plenty of space for long walks and energetic romps. At Akenside Kennels, we are happy to send updates and reports regarding your pet’s well-being via text or emails. If your individual situation does not permit you to drop off or pick up your pet during regular hours, we at Akenside Kennels will discuss alternate options at reasonable fees.