ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING ON THE PROPERTY! Cigarettes are leathal to dogs and we do not want to have any accidental ingestions.

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We strive to ensure your pet enjoys his time with us. We prefer to let the pet take the lead: letting them set the pace, so to speak. If they are friendly and gregarious, we will meet them at that level. If they are shy or reserved, we do not push the friendship. Our practice is to spend breaks and lunches in the pet`s run while we read, check email or txt. Within a short period of time, they typically approach us and end up in our laps. This is a quiet process that takes patience and time but we have not had a failure yet.

Kennel runs are cleaned and sanitized daily. Spot checks are performed several times each day. Dishes are washed and sanitized each day. Unless otherwise requried, bedding is laundered every third day.

Unaltered Dogs:  Puppies under the age of 6 months are not requried to be spay-neutered. If you pass your female off to us as `spayed` but comes into heat, you will be contacted and expected to produce an authorized care taker to collect the dog immediately. If no one comes to claim the dog, we will attempt to turn it in to your vet. If the vet is unwilling to accept the dog, we will surrender it to the S.P.C.A. You must understand that unaltered dogs have an exceedingly strong will and desire to roam and have, in the past, caused gross and costly damages to our facility while attempting to escape. Worst of all, the animal could be injured during such attempts and we do not wish to see any animal harmed while in our care or otherwise. Simply put, we cannot ensure the safety of a dog we are unable to contain.

Escape Artisits: If your dog has a fear of storms or other environmental occurances, please notify us at the time of your booking. We will accept the animal at our facility but will require the contact information of an individual who can collect the dog should it attempt escape or become unduly stressed. The health of the pet will always be our first priority. If your dog climbs fences, we cannot accept them into the facility. If your dog is a digger, we can accept them into the facility. However, if the dog begins to wear down nails by scratching at the concrete, we will have to ask that someone collect the pet for safety reasons.


We are unable to accept dogs that show unreasonable aggression. We encourage you to book an assessment visit so we can guage the severity of the aggression to determine if we are able to board your pet.


We often have dogs playing in the office. Please leave your dog in the car (weather permitting) until your paperwork has been processed. If the weather is not suitable, we will take the pet to the prepared kennel run and get them settled in immediately. The paper work will be processed afterward.

In the event the Animal's stay at the Kennel is longer than the Term referred to in paragraph 2, the Owner agrees to pay additional daily Boarding Fees applicable. In the event the Animal is picked up earlier than the indicated pick up date and the kennel has had to refuse other patrons during the specified time period, the Owner will be charged for all the days the Animal was originally booked.

Payment and Deposits:   The Owner agrees to pay the applicable daily Boarding Fees as specified. G.S.T. will be added to all Boarding Fees. All payments will be made via cash, Visa, Master Card or Debit. All Boarding Fees are payable upon pick-up of the Animal if the Animal's stay is less than 10 days. Pre payment, in full, is due and owing upon drop off if the Animal's stay exceeds 10 days. Exceptions for preferred customers can be arranged. Inquire with proprietor. Payment, in full, is acceptable for shorter stays if the Owner wishes to exercise the option. If the Owner is a first-time customer , payment will be made, in full, at the time of drop off. If, for the health and/or hygiene of the Animal or the Kennel, the Animal requires bathing or grooming services, the Owner will be responsible for fees associated to this care. Prices will vary by requirement and by the individual condition and temperament of the Animal.

Pick-ups and Drop-offs:  All pick-ups and drop-offs will occur during the business hours as posted. In the event the Owner has not returned to collect the Animal before closing time on the schedule date of pick-up, the Owner agrees to pay the full day's Boarding Fee unless prior arrangements have been made with the Kennel. All dogs must be on-leash and all cats must be contained in a crate when being picked up and/or dropped off. There will be a processing fee of $30.00 for all pick-ups/drop-offs performed outside office hours.

Health of Animals:  Any animal with overgrown nails will have them trimmed at an expence of $10.00, added to the boarding invoice. The Owner represents that he or she is the sole owner of the Animal and that the Animal has not been knowingly exposed to distemper, rabies or any other infectious diseases/parasites within the last 90 days. The Owner further represents that the Animal has received all required vaccinations and that the Animal is in good health. For each animal boarded, the Owner will provide an original veterinarian's Certificate of Health that clearly states last date of immunizations and expiry date of said immunizations. Each Certificate of Health must be issued and signed by a veterinarian that is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the Animal's home province. The Kennel reserves its right to refuse to provide boarding services to any animal.

Unexpected Illness:  In the event an Animal becomes ill during their stay at the Kennel, the Kennel will make all reasonable efforts to immediately contact the Owner. In the event the Kennel is unable to contact the Owner, or if the Owner does not immediately provide reasonable and humane instructions for the care of the Animal to the Kennel, and if the state of the Animal's health (in the Kennel's judgement) requires immediate medical attention, the Kennel is hereby authorized to make all reasonable efforts to ensure the Animal receives proper medical attention and may engage the services of a veterinarian of the Kennel's own choosing. The Owner agrees to pay for all medical treatment received by the Animal, and any other related fees or disbursements incurred on the Owner's behalf, during the Term of the Agreement and/or any subsequent days in the Kennel's care. The Owner understands and agrees the Kennel staff are not licensed veterinarians and, therefore, will not attempt to diagnose animal ailments or diseases and the Owner agrees the Kennel will not be liable for any sickness or ailment the Animal develops or manifests during their stay at the Kennel or the result of said sickness or ailment.

Unclaimed Animals:  In the event an Owner has not returned to the Kennel to pick-up the Animal within10 days after the scheduled pick-up date referred to in paragraph 2 and has not made any other arrangements for payment and/or continued boarding of the Animal at the Kennel, the Kennel may, at its sole discretion, sell or otherwise place the Animal without notice to the Owner.

Did You Know...

At Akenside Kennels, your pet will receive quality care, exercise and social time with other dogs if the owner permits at a competitive rate. Akenside Kennels boasts 15 acres of land: plenty of space for long walks and energetic romps. At Akenside Kennels, we are happy to send updates and reports regarding your pet’s well-being via text or emails. If your individual situation does not permit you to drop off or pick up your pet during regular hours, we at Akenside Kennels will discuss alternate options at reasonable fees.