Frequently Asked Questions

Because we are experienced in animal care, we can typically identify if a pet is feeling under the weather or needs to be taken in for vet care. If ever we are in doubt, we err on the side of caution and take the pet in to be checked by a vet.

We will attempt to contact the owner and/or emergency contact provided should such an event occur.

Required treatment will not be delayed if we are unable to contact the owner. The pet will be treated with the pet's best interest as the goal. All expenses incurred will be charged to the owner.

If the event is acute, no time will be wasted. The animal will be immediately transported to a vet clinic where she can receive medical attention without delay. Owners will be contacted as soon as possible.

At no time will Akenside staff substitue his/her opinion for that of the vet's. Nor will Akenside staff risk the wellbeing of an animal in stress by delaying treatment for any reason.

"Off hours" drop off/pick up can generally be arranged. The fee is $30.00.

Not necessarily. Our property is serviced with city water, not a well. If you know your dog is especially sensitive to changes in water or there is another reason your dog requires a specific water type, you are welcome to provide a water supply for him.

Because we live on site, my husband and myself are constant overseers of the property and the animals in our care. Unlike some facilities, there is always someone present.

2 full time staff rotate shifts throughout the day/week.

1 part time staff fills in for sick days, special project days, etc.

1 maintenance crew: landscaping, fence and building repair and maintenance.

I cannot imagine operating, adequatley, a facility of this nature with no hired help. In my opinion/experience, it would be completly unrealistic. My staff members are reliable, knowledgable, trustworthy, conscientious and have a passion for their work. They genuinely enjoy being in the presence of the animals they serve. The people I hire call this their 'dream job'.

Yes. We have refridgerators in the kennels with proper freezer compartments. We ask that you provide the food in measured portions to allow for ease of serving.


Please bring any chews and/or toys that you trust your dog with, unsupervised. These items will be examined frequently. If, at any time, we feel they may pose a danger to your dog, it will be removed from her run.

Yes, with restrictions.

We encourage you to bring these items if they bring a sense of security to your pet. We are, however, restricted in space so the size of these items may be an issue if they are large.

Consider this...
Crates must either fit through the door and/or be the type that can collapse or be disassembled in order to get it through the door.
Crates cannot exceed 36" in any dimension.

Beds of the canvas, raised, or stuffed variety are welcome as long as the cover is removable and washable. Or, if you do not care about the condition in which it is returned.
On occassion, a dog who has never bothered with her bed before can decide to tear into it while boarding. If we see this behavior in the dog, the bed will be removed for safety purposes.

We work diligently to prevent, defer and impeed the attention/precense of rodents. Because we are located in a treed/pastoral area, we do encounter an occasional field mouse. However, we certainly to not wish to board them along with your pet! Mice can easily detect the odor of kibble and treats stored in a bag. Even the commercially prepared bags in which you purchase your dog food (the ones that cannot be ripped open), are no match for the tiny litte chompers of a mouse.

Tupperware, Rubbermaid, garbage cans, plastic containers sold at discount stores: all are sufficient as long as the lid closes securely.


Yes. There are many reasons a dog may not be suitable for group play: age, temerament, recovering from surgery/injury or owner's preferrence to name a few.

One guest dog was unable to play outside on the grass at all because he did nothing but eat grass the entire time and was known to do so until he became ill. The owners informed us of this issue and we made arrangements to provide playtime with a like-energy doggy buddy inside the facility. The dog was quite happy with the arrangement and the owners appreciated our efforts to keep their pet happy and safe.

We strive to accomodate all realistic requests but believe strongly that the best exercise is that done in the company of other dogs when possible. Even elderly dogs can enjoy the quiet companionship of other calm, sweet tempered dogs.

Dogs recovering from surgery/injury will be kept on the vet/owner dictated schedule.

If your dog cannot be excercised, we will ensure that he received several visits each day for quite snuggles and attention. This is where my wonderful staff come to the rescue. We have been known to require a coin toss to decide who gets first dibs on 'snuggle' visits.

Yes, weather permitting. We excersice the dogs in groups if they have been properly socialized. They tend to wear each other out and return to their kennel runs tired and happy. Because we excersice the dogs in groups, they get quite a bit of time to play and explore. We are introducing new and interesting items to the play yards that will serve to keep things interesting and fun. DOGS ARE ALWAYS SUPERVISED WHILE PLAYING IN GROUPS.

Sudden changes to diet can cause problems with the digestive system. This can result it vomitting and most usually, diarrhea. We want your pet's stay to be happy and pleasant. Tummy upsets get in the way of them enjoying their time with us and, most importantly, we do not like to see them feeling poorly. We appreciate knowing the brand and blend of dog food you feed your pet in case the supply is exhausted. We can then purchase a bag (price to be added to your bill) and continue with the food your pet is accustomed to.

Did You Know...

At Akenside Kennels, your pet will receive quality care, exercise and social time with other dogs if the owner permits at a competitive rate. Akenside Kennels boasts 15 acres of land: plenty of space for long walks and energetic romps. At Akenside Kennels, we are happy to send updates and reports regarding your pet’s well-being via text or emails. If your individual situation does not permit you to drop off or pick up your pet during regular hours, we at Akenside Kennels will discuss alternate options at reasonable fees.