Update:  Joey has been adopted by a terrific couple and he has a new sister, too!  They have become wonderful friends and he is very happy in his new home.


Joey is one very precious little fella. He can be a bit on the skittish side but once he learns to trust you, he is eager to curl up under your chin and cuddle. He will let you know when someone is at the door but will stop barking when  you tell him, 'enough'.  He is potty pad trained and crate trained. He has no issues with separation anxiety and is happy to rest in his crate when home alone. He is extremely easy to handle. Joey does have some skin allergies for which he has special shampoo that he is bathed with once a week during flare ups. On occassion, he may require a course of Venectyl P which is an inexpensive medication to treat allergies. Joey has a beautiful and unique blue merle coat: a very handsome boy, indeed!  He is not demanding on your time, but will patiently watch you, waiting for a signal to indicate you are ready to cuddle or play. Joey is looking for a loving home where he can be loved and get the attention he so deserves.  He would do well in a household that is relatively calm and joyful with an abundance of love to give.

short coated - blue merle
*minor health issue


Did You Know...

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